w/ Clément Edouard


Kinetic Installation

Flux is an installation of of suspended rocks set in motion by a simple sinusoidal mechanism. This collaboration with Clément Edouard was realized after multiple residencies in the Ardèche region along the Chassezac river, where we imagined what would happen if a body of water simply just disappeared- what would be left? In this piece, combinations of movement, light and sound reanimate the hanging skeletal riverbed, revealing the memory that water has imprinted onto the stones through erosion on it’s course from mountain top to sea. The installation offers a spatial and temporal compression of the relationship between water and rock, from the granite of peaks to the sand of deltas. It is a sensitive and imaginary experience, hinting at the interdependence between humans and the surrounding natural environment.

Production: Mage

Co-production: Puzzle – Ville de Thionville

Delegated Producer: Jean-Emmanuel Rosnet

Artistic and technical collaboration: Guillaume Cousin

Residencies: Videoformes, Puzzle, Communauté des Communes de Pays des Vans en CevennesCommunity Verified icon

 Grant support: DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes/SCAN & Ardèche Region