Environment Monitoring

Audiovisual Installation
3 channel HD video
6 channel audio

Environment Monitoring is an audiovisual installation that proposes an abstract vision of the  creative processes in both science and art, sometimes perceived by the neophyte as veiled or enigmatic. It looks at the continuum of creation by generating obscure objects to be analyzed by an elusive machine. The imagery is inspired by and created in collaboration with the International Nanotechnology Institute in Braga. It will be premiered at GNRation space in Braga Portugal during Semibreve Festival 2016.

As an analogy for both the scientific and artistic creation, ‘Environment Monitoring’ appears as a mysterious central processing machine, along with generative erratic objects enter and exiting it, in order to portray the cryptic ambiguity often shrouding both the artistic and scientific processes. The secrets of the actual process are made available through individual portals showing the complex transmutations that are generated deep within the apparatus.

envmon-braga-gnrationEnvMon-Still6 EnvMon-Still9 EnvMon-Still10