Data Decay

Stereo, Color HD
2009 (revised 2015)

Abstract Sonification/Visualization that uses huge sets of recuperated scientific data to generate sound and video in realtime.

Data Decay is an audiovisual installation that displays a fictional decomposition of sound, image and of the audiovisual relationship, from pure forms to digital skeletal remains.

Synchronization between sound and video is always expected, in reality just as much as in the digital medium. The deterioration of sonic and visual representations also affects the sound-image relationship – meaning that instead of maintaining a linear relationship, the reactivity between the two media degrades.

The pixel, the sine wave and the primary colors are chosen as a simple, pure point of departure. Cyclically, the piece drifts between this clean state and an opposing mutated state created by selected sets of data which eat away at the sound and video.

In this context, the data is just as much a source of creating and construction (through traditional sonification and visualization) as it is a source of destruction and deconstruction (through iterative processes of overwriting).

Ososphere, Strasbourg 2105

Harvestworks, NY 2009
SXSW Interactive (Austin Museum of Digital Art Showcase), Austin 2009
Visionsonic Festival, Paris 2010
LPM Festival, Rome 2010
Videoformes Festival, Clermont Ferrand 2011

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