w/ Keith Fullerton Whitman

This collaboration makes me really happy; I think Keith put it best in his own words:

“Pierce & I met & began working together at the suggestion of Semibreve’s Luis Fernandes, in advance of the Braga Festival’s 2018 edition. We immediately hit it off, professing a shared love for experimental & direct film, and through this Pierce began architecting a lush real-time video performance solution that utilizes the raw control & timing voltages from the “Redactions” & “Generators” patches to generate a gorgeous, high-frame-rate Op-art assemblage that perfectly encapsulates the structural & formal constructs of Live Electronic Music in a cleverly analogous visual language. Even in our debut performance, it was unclear if I was performing to the video, he was performing to the music, or if we were independently utilizing the same signals to achieve discrete results; the exact sort of grey-area that I love & often strive towards. ”

Some of the raw material created for collaboration with Keith Fullerton Whitman.

Publiée par F Pierce Warnecke sur Mercredi 7 novembre 2018