Used News

Wood station, Video


presented at Zero1 Biennale

San Jose, CA

Used News is an installation that allows users to makes video art using a USB camera and custon software. It was made for Metro Newspapers in San José, CA. The proposed subject for user created videos was the actual newspaper itself.

The use of a microscope lets users zoom in up to 200 times on the newspapers, giving extreme details and allowing them to explore the newspaper on an in depth, quasi-pixel level. Fibrous textures, parts of words, pieces of imagery appear and can almost be recognized, briefly placing the viewer into the reality of contemporary information. Yet the meanings of these words and illustrations cannot be grasped in full; only parts of their shapes, colors and contrasts are visible through the microscope. The result is an abstract micro exploration of Metro’s articles.

Video is displayed on an LCD in the stand itself and also projected in the installation space.


Used News from Pierce Warnecke on Vimeo.