Paths End

Single channel, color HD
2 channel audio

Where does the path end and nowhere begin?


Paths End is a fragmented and fictitious cartography of trails leading to nowhere. It is a textural recomposition of the various cues that define or erase a given route. It is an audiovisual exploration of false starts, dead ends, and incompleteness.

It indirectly documents a personal experience of intense immersion, disorientation and fear in the wilderness. It is a process of going past recognizable impacts of civilization on nature until one is truly in the middle of nowhere.

The piece uses traditional phonography and photography as source materials but extends the practices beyond basic documentation in favor of more experimental and abstract media manipulations. The piece can be seen as an imaginary landscape that is just as much informed from reality as it is from the subjective experiences of the search for paths end.

Created at the Binaural Nodar residency program in Portugal, October 2014.
PathsEnd-Still7 PathsEnd-Still8 PathsEnd-Still1